Death is a Visitor – William Blake Series, Book Four


Sometimes, it seems that even for the very briefest shower of happiness, we are required to pay in torrents with grief, sadness and tears.

William’s weekend begins with hope and with his spirits soaring to the stars. But the Three Fates had other plans for the thread of his life, and things changed quickly.

He was dragged from the quiet solitude of Brittany, back into the wild world, where tyranny, violence and cruelty ruled supreme.

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What readers have said:

Margaret W…. 16 September 2016
I have read all of the other William Blake stories and it was good to catch up with him again. This book was bang up to date with what is happenng in Europe today . The way the author brings the criminals (I won’t call them anything other than that for fear of spoiling the story) to life was quite frightening. The interaction between William and the Police Officer Remy continues, with William being a thorn in Remy’s side. William is a champion and will go his own way whatever anyone thinks ! A really likeable hero.
By Janet L on 12 Nov. 2016

Format: Paperback

Great action packed read – couldn’t turn the pages fast enough! Captures the sense of fear really well. Enjoyed this book very much and look forward to meeting William Blake again in his next adventure.